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Strengthening the Body of Christ

in Punjab, India

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Solid Rock staff are Global  Emissaries of the Gospel

Help our Solid Rock staff along with local Indian pastors and lay pastors make sure that the Word of God reaches the ears of people who want to hear it. Solid Rock India, based in Richardson, Texas, has a mission to preach the gospel to the rural villages of the state of Punjab, India, and to establish healthy, self-supporting churches in that region.

Because less than 2% of the nearly 2 billion population of India worship as Christians, they have almost no recognition or support from the general population. Home churches are how Christians typically gather for worship in the small villages. Once a group has outgrown the meeting place in a family's small, single-room house, we work to help them form a courtyard church for worship services. This arrangement works by necessity because their climate is much like that of the Richardson-Dallas area. However this home church growth can present challenges for home churches since the people cannot travel long distances to a church.

We seek to help pastors build churches so that home church families can stay together.  With your financial help, we will be able to continue strengthening the body of Christ in Punjab.

Gathering of Young People

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About Us

Solid Rock India was founded in 2006 to serve the rural region of Northwestern India in the state of Punjab. Today, we operate six church building sites in local communities. We have  over 150 house churches where lay pastors minister to the surrounding villages. The six churches serve about 40 families each, while the home churches usually consist of less than 20 families each.   


Nazatnagar Church completed July 2009

Solid Rock Church

Dholpur Batala Church completed April 2015


Dhandiala Church completed 2019

New Church Barila

Barila Church completed in 2021

dedication of ludhiana.jpg

Ludhiana Church dedicated 2022

BathInda Church Completed 2023

BathInda Church Completed 2023

Our six churches are lead by local college trained pastors.  We train our lay pastors to lead the house churches and reach out to the local community . It has become apparent that to continue to spread into the surrounding villages, we must train new lay pastors, grow house churches, form courtyard churches and help build "brick and mortar" courtyard churches or free standing churches.  Your support will help us provide training for lay pastors and build churches in rural India.

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